About us

We are an organization that has the power to issue standards, in accordance with the guidelines of the General Directorate of Standards (Dirección General de Normas). Additionally, we are recognized by the Mexican accreditation entity (ema) to perform audits, inspections and laboratory tests, following the requirements of national and international standards.


To provide quality technological services in the field of certification, standardization, testing laboratories, inspection, and training to meet the needs of our clients.


To be a world-class organization for the excellence, relevance, and reliability of our services.

Quality Policy

The standardization and third party conformity assessment services offered by NORMEX are based on national and international laws and their corresponding regulations, standards, schemes and technical specifications, and are focused on achieving customer satisfaction through the implementation and continuous improvement of its quality management system.


Product Certification

We have national and international accreditations for the certification of various products.

Systems Certification

We are accredited to perform certification audits in several standards.

Courses and Training

We have a wide range of courses taught in different modalities by expert instructors.

Food Safety

Certifications and evaluations for the agricultural sector and for the processed food sector.

Biodegradability Laboratory

We perform biodegradability analysis for liquid samples, soluble and poorly soluble compounds.

Packaging Laboratory

Testing of containers and packaging intended to contain hazardous substances, materials or wastes.


We have an extensive catalog of standards for sale, currently we have more than 155 standards from various sectors.


Inspection Unit

National Content Inspection, Commercial Information Labeling and Inspection of Food Establishments (Distintivo H).

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NORMEX has been managing and coordinating the creation of standards for more than 29 years, issuing certificates, opinions, certificates and technical reports for our clients’ products, services and systems.
Through our services, we assist you in building a solid image of your processes in the sector in which you operate, thereby increasing your business opportunities in Mexico and around the world.




Av. San Antonio 256, Piso 7, Ampliación Nápoles, C.P. 03840, Benito Juárez.


(55) 5598 3036


Monday to Friday: 9:00 a. m. – 5:00 p. m.
Saturdays and Sundays: Closed

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