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Increase your business opportunities, reduce distribution and marketing costs of your products and provide evidence of regulatory compliance.

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NORMEX can certify…

Medicinal oxygen for human consumption.

Reclassification of containers containing compressed, liquefied and dissolved gases.

Toiletries and hygiene products.

Solar systems.

The activities performed by the product certification area are carried out in accordance with the provisions of the standard:


We have competent, professional and committed personnel in conformity assessment, ensuring confidentiality and impartiality in their certifications.


Medicinal oxygen for human consumption.

The necessary guidelines are evaluated in the standard NMX-K-361-NORMEX-2017to guarantee good practices in the manufacture and conditioning of medical oxygen, ensuring the limits of production acceptance, as well as the competence of the personnel.


Reclassification of containers containing compressed, liquefied and dissolved gases.

We guarantee the re-qualification of cylinders under the compliance of the NMX-H-156-NORMEX-2019 – Reclassification of Cylinders Containing Compressed Liquefied and Dissolved Gases.

Ensuring the safety requirements for their use and handling, since during their operating life the cylinders may be exposed to various environmental and usage factors that affect their mechanical integrity.


Toiletries and hygiene products.

We perform conformity assessment under the criteria of different applicable Mexican regulations in those organizations that manufacture or condition hygienic and/or cleaning products in commercial volume.


Solar systems

Due to the pollution that has been reached in these last times and the affectation that this entails to our planet, the markets of renewable and non-polluting energies have had a great boom, within these markets we find solar energy.

Due to this, NORMEX established a minimum of technical specifications to ensure the proper functioning of the solar collector by means of the standard NMX-ES-001-NORMEX-2018Solar Energy – Thermal performance and functionality of solar collectors for water heating, with which we evaluate the conformity of the products.


There is a conformity mark that provides clear information on the certification scheme from the Product area, the organization has the right to use it on the certified products and/or services, making its customers certain that they comply with the necessary requirements of the applicable regulations.


Disinfection and pest control systems.

Urban pests have been the cause of many diseases over time and the decision to solve these problems has become a necessity, however, when trying to combat these pests, pesticides with high toxicity index and with prolonged residual properties that affect health and the environment are used.

The team of NORMEXIn order to meet this need, it evaluates the conformity of these services by means of the standard NMX-F-610-NORMEX-2002 – Technical Provisions for the Provision of Disinfection and Pest Control Services, which guarantees the use of agents accepted by the corresponding agencies, as well as a low impact on the environment due to the use of these substances.


NORMEX can also certify…

Customer service and support.

Safety Management System in the Handling, Transport and Custody of Medicines Service.

Safety Management System in the Goods Handling and Transportation Service.

Good Hygiene Practices.

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points.

Oat flakes packaging process.

Bottled and bulk purified water.

Disinfection and pest control systems.

Through different regulations in force, evaluates the conformity of products and services, which thanks to the competence of our auditors certifying companies that fully comply with the standards required in each of them, thus giving an endorsement to its customers that your company is offering quality products and / or services, thus having new business opportunities.

Certification process


Receipt of the request for services.


Realization of the quotation.


Documentary Review.


On-site audit.







We are an organization recognized by the entidad mexicana de acreditación a.c. (ema) and by the Ministry of Economy (Secretaría de Economía).

Our team is made up of professionals with more than 29 years of experience in product certification, who have the competencies to provide you with a high quality service.

We guarantee independence and impartiality in conformity assessment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Certification Process?

1. Receipt of the request for services.
2. Realization of the quotation.
3. Documentary Review.
4. On-site audit.
5. Certification.
6. Surveillance.

How can I get the standard for Medical Oxygen for human consumption?

You can get the NMX-K-361-NORMEX-2017 standard by clicking here click here.

Re-qualification of Containers containing compressed, liquefied and dissolved gases?

You can get the NMX-H-156-NORMEX-2019 standard by clicking here click here.

How can I get the standard for solar systems?

You can get the NMX-ES-001-NORMEX-2018 standard by clicking here click here.

How can I get the Disinfection and Pest Control Systems standard?

You can get the NMX-F-610-NORMEX-2002 standard by clicking here clicking here..

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