International Renewable Energy Certificate

We are the only accredited issuer of I-REC(E) certificates in Mexico.

Our Mission

Contribute to a more sustainable future with renewable energy.

Renewable energy: transparent, verifiable, sustainable.


The I-REC Standard Foundation announced NORMEX as the only accredited issuer of I-REC(E) certificates in Mexico in 2022.

Since 2017, Mexico has been authorized to issue I-REC(E) and currently ranks fourth in annual certificate issuance in Latin America. In 2022, 3.8 million I-REC(E) were issued.

NORMEX is a leading Mexican organization, with more than 29 years of experience, offering services of:




Testing (Biodegradability and Packaging)

Millions of I-REC(E) issued in Mexico in 2022.

Introduction to I-REC Standard

What is the I-REC Standard?

The I-REC Standard is an international renewable energy certification system that allows consumers to track and verify the origin of electricity produced from renewable energy sources.

I-REC stands for International Renewable Energy Certificate, and the system was developed by the I-REC Standard Foundation, a non-profit organization based in the Netherlands and London.

Renewable energy production

Renewable energy producers generate electricity from renewable sources.

Issuance of certificates

For each MWh of renewable energy produced, an I-REC certificate is issued certifying that production.

Certificate trading

By purchasing I-REC certificates, consumers demonstrate their support for the renewable energy sector.

Withdrawal of certificates

It ensures that each certificate is only used once and avoids double counting of renewable energy.

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Building a better TOMORROW TODAY.

Benefits of implementing the I-REC Standard.


The I-REC Standard provides detailed and verifiable information on the origin of renewable energy.

Energy origin.

Date and time of publication.

Geographic location.

Support for sustainability

The purchase and use of I-REC certificates demonstrates a commitment to renewable and sustainable energy.

Green energy.

Reduction of carbon emissions.

Fulfillment of global objectives.

Social responsibility

Companies that adopt the I-REC Standard reinforce their commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.

Responsible corporate image.

Customer and partner attraction.

Contribution to global objectives.

I-REC: Certifiable and verifiable energy. Adopt the standard today!

I-REC: Ensuring a sustainable energy future.

I-REC around the world: Implementation and global reach.

Adoption of the I-REC Standard has experienced steady growth worldwide, driven by increasing awareness of the importance of renewable energy and sustainability.

Since its inception, I-REC has been implemented in several countries, spanning continents and diversifying into multiple renewable energy sources.

Power plants in Mexico

of renewable generation to date.


Issued in 2022.

NORMEX, accredited by the I-REC Standard Foundation, is the only authorized issuer of I-REC certificates in Mexico. Adopt the standard today!

I-REC: Renewable, traceable and verifiable energy.

Join the sustainable energy revolution!

The global implementation of the I-REC helps unify green energy efforts, while providing businesses and consumers with a reliable and transparent tool to demonstrate their commitment to shifting to a more sustainable energy future.

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Promote transparency.

Ensure traceability and verifiability.

Prevent double counting.

Boosting corporate reputation.

Supporting the transition to a sustainable energy future.

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